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Flash Calciners

TTPL specializes in Flash Calcination technology with many innovative features as compared to conventional Rotary calcination technology. TTPL has engineered the flash calciner with most optimum energy consumption. TTPL’s in house developed; patented design of indirect contact type heat exchanger ensures optimum energy consumption and avoids mixing of un-calcined material with calcined product.

Working Principle

  • Calcination is the process of heating a substance to a high temperature, but below its melting or fusing point, to bring about thermal decomposition or a phase transition in its physical or chemical constitution.
  • Calcination is usually done,
    • To drive off water present as absorbed moisture or water of crystallization
    • To drive off carbon dioxide (as in the calcination of limestone into lime in a limekiln), sulfur dioxide, or other volatile constituent.
    • To oxidize (oxidative calcination) a part or the whole of the substance.
    • The reduction (reductive calcination) of metals from their ores (smelting).

Superior Features

  • Uniform conditions throughout the calcination process and thus precise control of product quality.
  • Improved thermal efficiency as compared to rotary kilns.
  • Integrated Heat recovery with direct heat exchange in cyclone coolers for optimum fuel consumption.
  • Integrated heat recovery through specially designed energy efficient indirect contact type heat exchanger having minimum fuel consumption.
  • Specially designed bulk flow cooler for secondary cooling.
  • PLC / SCADA based control for precise process control.
  • Plant is automatic with appropriate safety interlocks.


  • Alumina
  • Bauxite
  • Lime
  • Kaolin