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Coal Dryer

TTPL offers in-house developed patented design of coal dryer. Ever increasing prices and limited availability of coal make coal drying an excellent value proposition. The power stations have started using high moisture coal which is available in cheaper rate since considered as low grade coal. TTPL’s agitated fluid bed coal dryer improvises the usability of such high moisture low grade coal.

Working Principle

  • The coal dryer works on the principle of agitated fluid bed coal drying.
  • The coal dryer removes the moisture from the un-sized coal available at power stations as well as for process boilers.
  • The hot air required for coal dryer is generated from burning the coal fines dried in the coal dryer.

Superior Features

  • Handles coal lumps of 40 to 200 mm.
  • Gentle agitation, less attrition and generation of fines.
  • Progressive reduction in hot air temperature to avoid fire hazard.
  • Fully automatic plant with modulating control for variation in input coal moisture.
  • Coal fines can be burnt as fuel for coal dryer.
  • Efficient coal dust collection with patented design of bag filter. Clean exhaust emissions (< 50 mg/Nm3).
  • Provision for exhaust recycling to improve energy consumption and suppress the fire hazard.
  • Choking of conveyors and crushers is avoided.
  • Maintenance of conveyors and crushers is reduced.
  • Dried coal fired boiler works at higher efficiency.
  • Uninterrupted operation of power plant without loss of capacity.
  • Cheap low grade coal (lignite or brown coal) can be used without loss of plant capacity.


  • Thermal power stations
  • Utility boilers.
  • Process boilers.
  • Any process where coal is utilized as fuel.